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Ely Zimmerman

M.Ed.    M.P.H.   C.M.C.

Certified Life Coach

"Making a positive change in your life 
sends positive ripples everywhere"

What's a Certified Life Coach?


Ever have:

      • A friend who can truly listen and accepts you just as you are?

      • A mentor who is committed to just your success? 

      • Personal Organizational Consultant who understands organizational and group dynamics

             and can help you navigate where you want to go?


Working with a Certified Life Coach means you’re working with a professional who has both certified graduate-level academic knowledge and clinical training accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). 


Unlike a friend or a partner, a Certified Life Coach is not involved in any other aspect of your life. They have no other agenda than to help you with your agenda. And, they are bound by professional confidentiality.


How can you know if Life Coaching will work for you? The best way is to have an initial conversation with the person you're considering.


When you are looking into the potential coach:

      • See if their education and training are appropriate.

      • Check out their testimonials. Do they give you confidence that you too to can steer your personal or professional life or meet your organizational challenges?

      • Ask for an initial (free) phone conversation so you can ask your questions and check out the chemistry. Might you, over time, be able to feel both open and safe with him or her? 


That's how a good Life Coaching relationship should start.


Sound interesting? The first step is easy.


Shoot me an email and we'll schedule a time for a first (free) conversation.


Then you decide if you want to go further.



I work with clients via phone, Skype, Zoom or FaceTime.

Send me an email and we'll find a time to talk.



Life Coaching Themes

What’s Your Next Step?

Personal Growth
Life Goals
Work Challenges


Here's what clients say about me: 

"Creative thinker"

"Superb listener"

"Great sense of humor"

"Engaging style"

"Extraordinarily insightful"

"Genuinely warm & empathic"

"Instills hope & inspiration"

"A gem"



Life Coaching is a "capstone" career for me.  It grew out of my education, training and life experience. 

My three graduate degrees are: Masters in Psychological Education (M.Ed.); Masters in Public Health Education (M.P.H.) and CMC, an academic and clinical Certification in Life Coaching.

I've traveled extensively, lived all over the world, volunteered for causes that matter to me, had several suceessful businesses,  and raised two amazing young men with my wife of over 35 years.


My work has spanned mental health and drug prevention, public health, sales and marketing and organizational development. I've been an entrepreuner and worked for and with others.

I'd be delighted to work with you: or 310 691-9382


 About Me 

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“On the journey of vocational discovery and career decisions, I can think of no better companion than Ely Zimmerman.


Ely’s sensitive presence, well-placed questions, and wise observations  have been key to my moving closer to the rhythms that suit my soul, release my energy, and, not unimportantly, make money!


 I came away from each weekly experience with an awareness that I have again been able to unlock a little more of the wisdom that was already inside of me. 


Gregory A. Barker Ph.D., M.Div., BA. Head of School, Theology and Religious Studies, Director of Religious Experience Research Centre Trinity University College. Carmarthen Wales, UK.

Ely Zimmerman was an outstanding organizational consultant for the Israel Religious Action Center.  He initiated, organized, and implemented an international public relations effort from which we are daily reaping benefits. Ely instilled hope and inspiration in the hearts of the staff, strengthened their self-confidence, encouraged them to think big and to dream together. He enlisted the whole organization in supporting the public relations project. He offered an impressively wide range of ideas for both human and financial resource development.


Before Ely, our work was known in Israel but hardly abroad. After Ely's work with us, many thousands of people now know of our activities. 


Ely is a unique combination of a wonderful professional and an empathic, intelligent leader.


Anat Hoffman

Executive Director

Israel Religious Action Center

“If you want to craft a life for yourself that reflects your interests and values, and enables your spouse to do the same, talk with Ely. He has had a truly varied career, traveled extensively and lived overseas for a year so his wife could pursue her interests. A great mentor and a great coach.”
Ben Dean Ph.D., Founder, MentorCoach

“I was a client of Ely Zimmerman’s in a coaching relationship. He has been enormously helpful to me in several ways:

• Identifying personal barriers that were keeping me from making clear and efficient work plans,
Suggesting systems for managing my work,
Helping me to understand the big picture of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality's work when I was stuck in the trees could not see the forest,
• Providing a sounding board for new ideas as I was developing them.


As a result, I am much clearer about priorities and directions, better organized, no longer overwhelmed and definitely more effective.
For all this I am grateful. 
I would be happy tor recommend Ely to other rabbis seeking coaching.


Rabbi Rachel Cowan
(former) Executive Director
Institute for Jewish Spirituality”

“I’ve been a physician for over 30 years, a medical director and belong to a number of complex professional and community organizations.
Each role I play is important to me and has a pull on my priorities and time. I’ve found my conversations with Ely to be extremely helpful in sorting through these priorities.
I very much appreciate his ability to listen and reflect back what he’s heard. Ely’s understanding of organizational dynamics (especially medical ones) has allowed me to better diagnose and solve problems. His consultation helps me to see myself in a clearer and more objective context. I feel more confident that my decisions are consistent with my values and long-term goals. Ely would be a valuable resource for any professional wanting to develop a clearer view of themselves in their roles and in their lives. I highly recommend him to you as a coach for your professional and personal life.”
Ric Winstead, M.D., Seattle, WA.

The coaching sessions that I had with you were so helpful. With your guidance, I was able to focus on what I wanted to do and to begin to put myself forward.


Rabbi Stephanie Bernstein

Ely helped me move beyond frustration with others and focus on how I could change some of my own challenging habits. He provided functional, reasonable, and targeted solutions, with no jargon or vagueness. He listened most carefully, and cut to the core quickly and persistently.

Ely created strong feelings of empowerment, and the specific means to make meaningful changes, as well as many useful models to sustain those changes. Each session was exceptionally worthwhile, an extreme rarity. Ely is a gem. I feel I received tremendous value for the time and money spent with Ely.

Anonymous  (Senior member of the clergy)

You helped me put my life back on the track I wanted it to be on. … You helped me to save my life and become happy, I truly believe that.  I don’t know where or I would be without your coaching.

I appreciate your comfortable coaching manner. You provided me with a productive, forward –focused and worthwhile coaching experience.

I strongly recommend you to anyone.

Anonymous, Political Consultant

“Ely was my coach in connection with my work as a congregational rabbi.


Even though I’ve had over 35 years of congregational experience, just being able to discuss issues in a confidential relationship has enabled me to gain perspective I would not otherwise have had.


I learned a great deal by hearing my own words reflected back to me. Ely helped make my leadership more effective by my becoming more clear in sensitive area such a finding the right balance between the synagogue’s interests and my own.


Ely is a superb listener and has in-depth knowledge of how individuals, groups, organizations and congregations work.


I cannot recommend him highly enough.”


Rabbi Efraim Warshaw Ph.D.

“Ely Zimmerman consulted with the School for Peace for over ten months. He made creative and insightful suggestion that were beneficial for our organization, and we have already implemented some of them successfully. He provided insights that were not obvious to us. Mr. Zimmerman was able to create a safe, confidential environment that enabled us to bring sensitive issues forth, explore them with us, and help us develop creative solutions. Above all, Mr. Zimmerman demonstrated a strong ability for listening, supporting and caring for our organization.”

Nava Sonnenschein
Director, School For Peace
Neve Shalom-Wahat al Salam

All the progress of our Overseas Relations Department can be traced directly to Ely's coaching. In our weekly sessions, Ely was an amazing listener who was able to offer advice that changed the way I saw my role in the organization. He enabled me to define my goals and direct my energies in concrete ways. There were times when a sense of momentum brought about dramatic changes in my work, and in retrospect I know it was a result of Ely's creative skills."


Joel Katz, Adv.

Coordinator Overseas Relations

Israel Religious Action Center

Ely created a structure for volunteering and an expansion of the leadership team that we had not had before and we have continued to use every since. Ely has a way of fostering a sense of collaboration that is needed in congregational situations and in particular when working with multiple institutions.  He did this with his enviable organizational skills, engaging leadership style and his good humor.  I hope that we will benefit again from Ely Zimmerman's expertise.


Cecily Kaplan

Director of Senior Programs and Services.

Seattle, WA

"I've known Ely for over a decade as a teacher and friend. Ely is a wise, focused, empathic, and extraordinarily insightful man.


Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, Emanu-El Scholar, Congregation Emanu-El of San Francisco. Professor Hebrew Union College HUC, International Speaker, Author.





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